Reduce. Reuse. Reinvent.

From our location in the heart of the green Sauerland countryside, we are perpetually aware of our business obligation to protect our resources and the environment. We work to minimize our carbon footprint by making conscious business choices in all of our operations. Our energy management system has been certificated according to ISO 50001.


  • Careful purchase and use of natural resources
  • Continuous investment in our facilities and energy efficient machines, giving us the FM Green Production LineTM and the most modern plastic injection molding facility in Europe:
    - Continuous investment in modern hot runner systems that eliminate material waste
    - use of all-electric or hybrid machines that require up to 30 percent less energy
  • Complete recycling of scraps and material waste
  • Sustainable logistics – the first company to use pooling and reusable Transpac carriers to deliver closures
  • Lowest material use for new product developments to spare expensive raw materials and energy use through shorter cycle times
  • Cooperation with manufacturers of Biopolymers (organic polymers).